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Is your computer running incredibly slow?  Are you experiencing annoying pop-up advertisements?  Your system could be infected with viruses or spyware!  Not only can these programs be annoying, but they can also compromise the security of the data on your computer.

Virus removal is one of our most popular services. This is primarily due to incomplete protection. Sometimes this is an expired antivirus software or missing windows and 3rd party updates or a combination of things. The best approach is a layered package.

Crespo IT Solutions can scan your system and determine what the problem is.  If your computer is infected, we will work to remove the malicious software and return your system to normal.  We can handle and remove even the most deep-rooted virus and nasty malware infections, while still protecting your personal data. We will remove all viruses and other malware from your computer and repair the damage. Once removal is done, a complete tune-up is performed. This allows us to optimize and make your computer faster than it has ever been.

We follow a very thorough removal process and are so confident in our service that we offer a 30-day warranty on this service. If you purchase our Total Care Protection Plan  package from us and get infected with a current, up to date subscription we will remove the malware at our expense.* Virus removals can be performed remotely so you don’t have to disconnect anything or can be done in our shop. If done in our shop we can arrange to pick up the machine or you can drop it off to us. Our turn around time is typically 24-48 hours for virus removals.

When the Virus Removal has been finished we highly recommend purchasing Anti-virus software that can be installed by one of our technicians. We offer two different tiers of Software.

Anti-virus with Anti-malware Protection fully Managed Solution at only $40 per year.


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Expert service! Kenneth was very professional and was available right away to solve my computer dilemma

Janet Kelly

Lake Worth, FL
My computer system needed a major tune-up, including anti-virus protection. Crespo IT Solutions was on time, knowledgeable, and affordable all in one. I can always call on Kenny for any questions or concerns. They have really been a Blessing to my business.

Jonathan Johnson Sr

Owner, Air Conditioning Filers Plus Inc.