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Wireless Networking Services

Do you have several wireless devices (computers, tablets, printers, gaming consoles, TV) in your home? Are you looking to be able to share information between computers, share an internet connection or be able to print from anywhere in your house?  Crespo IT Solutions can help you install, maintain or troubleshoot your home wireless network.

If your home or business uses multiple devices, then you need to take advantage of our wireless networking services. Our expert technicians can come out to your location and swiftly set up your Wireless network so that all devices can access the internet.

Benefits of Wireless Network Services

If your home or business is not already on a Wi-Fi network, then you are missing out on some tremendous benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why we highly recommend our Wireless networking services.

  • Eliminate the Need for cables – If you rely on a wired internet connection, that means you have to run cables throughout your home or office. Depending on how many computers you have set up, this can get extremely expensive and troublesome. With a Wi-Fi network setup, there is no need for cables.
  • Convenience for Mobile Devices – Wireless networking isn’t just for computers, they also allow all mobile and home devices to effortlessly connect to the internet.
  • Easily Share Applications and Printers – Another benefit of our wireless networking services is that all of the computers can share printers, files, graphics, and other multi-user applications.
  • Get Peace of Mind – Wireless network brings forth security and encryption. This means that all communications are secure and it will provide an additional level of protection against any intruders who try to get into your network.

Do you currently have a wireless network in your home? Is it secure? Are you aware of how to log in and make sure it is properly set up? Are neighbors or others in close proximity to your home able to log into your wireless network and potentially see data saved on your computer? If you answered YES to any of these questions, your wireless network could be insecure. Crespo IT Solutions can perform a security audit on your network and can help you lock it down with as high of a level of encryption as possible.

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Expert service! Kenneth was very professional and was available right away to solve my computer dilemma.

Janet Kelly

Residential Client
My computer system needed a major tune-up, including anti-virus protection. Crespo IT Solutions was on time, knowledgeable, and affordable all in one. I can always call on Kenny for any questions or concerns. They have really been a Blessing to my business.

Jonathan Johnson Sr

Owner, Air Conditioning Filers Plus Inc.